Departments of Ehtikam Group

Ehtikam Legal Group is distinguished by its knowledge by individualizing legal departments specialized in working on each type of case separately and differently from the other section, as this method of work provides full focus on each file of those with experience and specialization in these various sections.

Real Estate Contracts Section

The Real Estate Contracts Department is responsible for drafting and reviewing all real estate contracts, including those related to sales and exchanges through housing and other related issues that may arise in Kuwait or abroad. The department, led by Ms. Iman Abdulrahman Alhashash, also works on protecting against real estate fraud and addressing the legal implications of such agreements.

International Section

The International Department of the Hatakam Legal Group, led by lawyer Abdulatif Aldakhil, specializes in handling international legal files, cases, and disputes. This is achieved through strategic partnerships that the group has with various global law firms across neighboring regions and the world.

Family Counseling Department

The Family Consultations and Reconciliation Department, led by Ms. Manal Alfughai, is dedicated to handling confidential family cases, providing high-quality advice, and offering effective solutions. The department focuses on providing tools and appropriate means to reach optimal solutions for couples before resorting to purely legal methods.

Cybercrime Section

The Cybercrime Department provides legal and technical consultancy in cases related to cybercrime. It carefully studies and follows up on such cases, offering detailed and technical summaries of consultations. The department, led by Dr. Safaa Zaman, also provides periodic reports on notable cybercrimes and how to address them.

Development & Training Department

The Training and Development Department at the Hatakam Legal Group is responsible for building and refining the technical and legal skills of its members. The group continuously invests in human capital to maximize its potential, aligning with its vision and mission. The department, under the leadership of Mr. Saud Altakhaim, works regularly to achieve this goal.

Department of Financial and Computational Analysis

The Financial and Accounting Analysis Department works on providing financial technical studies and reports for individuals and companies involved in cases requiring accounting expertise. This department, under the guidance of Dr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Shaheen, aims to save time, effort, and costs for clients by utilizing the expertise of financial and accounting professionals.